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Top Clothing Alterations

1. Shortening/Lengthening Pants, Jeans, Skirt and Dress Hems
Pant hems have always been our most popular alteration and with all the practice we have gotten a little creative.

 a. Our #1 Seller “Atlanta Hem”
• Don’t sacrifice the look of your garments just because they don’t fit. Our Atlanta Hem maintains the look of your current hem while altering it to a shortened length.
b.The Back to School Favorite “The Growth Hem”
• Tired of having to buy new pants for your growing child. The Growth Hem allows up to 3 inches of Growth. The only issue is that with healthy kids running around, the pants may not last long enough to use all 3 inches.
c. Reversible Hem                                                                                                                                                                        • We can recreate the coveted yoga pants reversible hem so that you can wear your pants right side out and inside out depending on your look that day.

2. Shortening and Lengthening Sleeves on Coats and Jackets

3. Taking In/Letting out Waists, Hips and Thighs on Pants and Skirts

4. Tapering

5. Outerwear Alterations and Repairs

6. Zipper & Button Replacements
• Don’t give up on your favorite coat or hoodie! We can often replace the zipper or the slider on your favorite jacket so you can get another season out of it. Great for kids coats as well.
• Pants/Jeans Zipper

7. Mending Rips and Applying Patches